The Mask of Zorro (1998) - Zorro's (Antonio Banderas) Hero Shirt


This tan coloured shirt with matching laced tie was worn by Antonio Banderas in his iconic role as Alejandro Murriete aka 'Zorro' in the 1998 hit action movie. This shirt can be seen in the sequences when De La Vega (Anthony Hopkins) trains Alejandro in his lair underneath the ruins of his family estate to initiate revenge against Captain Love. The shirt remains in fine production-used condition & accompanies the original production tag indicating the scene number. This item comes beautifully framed inside a laser cut display with two corresponding stills, a descriptive plaque, & a Movie logo. Accompanies full provenance. The display measures approximately 27x35x2 inches & includes a hinged back panel to access the inside for cleaning or adjustments.

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