About us





  Founded in 2005, MovieMania is a British vendor of genuine movie props as works of Art. These treasured artefacts, that were once merely the practical tools of the film industry, have evolved into avant-garde works of art. or 'Prop Art', as they have become better known. We constantly source these acclaimed relics from our extensive database of crew members, production companies, private archives & film studios from around the world. Our goal is simple & fundamental. It is to ensure that those with a love of cinema are brought closer to their favourite film than ever before. Many of our customers realise that nothing can relieve them from the burdens of life quite like the dynamism of film. It invigorates us, educates us, frightens us and stimulates us in ways our post modernist minds could never have comprehended. With that progression comes an emerging desire to collect, invest and enthrall in film artefacts. Each of the pieces we sell are beautifully displayed inside bespoke display solutions and accompany impeccable provenance, ensuring that they are the perfect addition to your home cinema, office or games room.

From a pair of SFX prosthetic ears used in 'Harry Potter', to the hero ski suit worn by Pierce Brosnan in his role as Bond, we offer an exciting and constantly developing collection of rare and sought after memorabilia. Andy and his small team search the globe to bring collectors the gems of the big screen, working directly with more than 250 film studios, production companies & the people behind the magic.