Jurassic Park (1993) - Prop Visitor Map (SOLD)


This prop visitor map was used in Steven Spielberg's Blockbuster Hit 'Jurassic Park' (1993 - Universal Pictures). The map is double-sided depicting directions around the island including the Visitor centre & the Raptor Paddock. On the reverse are various advertisements & General Information in different languages. Maps of this kind can be seen at various parts throughout the movie, including when Dr Grant & Hammond's Grandchildren embark on a tour of the park & again when the Tyrannosaurus escapes the enclosure & devours Gennaro. The map includes some slight wear from production use but remains in fine condition. It comes professionally displayed inside a black frame within a laser cut mount & has been specifically designed so that the map can be flipped depending on which side of it the owner desires to be seen. Similarly the mount displays the Movie's logo, two corresponding stills & a descriptive plaque. The display measures approximately 21x29 inches & the map measures approximately 14.5x16.5 inches. Provenance: Ex Lot (no: 191) from the reputable 'Screenused.com' Spring Auction on 9th March 2013 & includes documentation. Includes hanging fixtures. This item has now SOLD.

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