I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) - Fish Carnival Hat


This unique prop consists of a black baseball cap with a foam painted & detailed fish adhered across the cap's central & rear panels. It was used in Director Jim Gillespie's Hit American slasher Movie 'I know what you did Last Summer' where four friends are stalked by a Hook-wielding Fisherman who returns to inflict revenge. These hats were worn by the extras in the crowds when Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) rides in the Fourth of July Parade as the reigning Croaker Queen. There are some minor cracks in the foam tail but the hat remains in fine overall condition. This particular hat accompanies provenance directly from the film's cinematographer, who was given the prop as a souvenir by Production Designer Gary Wissner. The hat comes mounted on a black suede display head with a bespoke jetty-effect display base & a corresponding gold plaque. Maximum height of display measuring 15 inches. Maximum width of display measuring 13 inches.

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