The Unborn (2009) - Prop Baby Monitor


These electric plastic & rubber baby monitors including channel adjustments & volume dials were used in Director David S. Goyer's hit Supernatural Thriller 'The Unborn' (2009). The monitors can be seen in the scenes when Casey (Odette Yustman) babysits her Neighbour's son Matty (Atticus Shaffer) who she can eerily hear talking to his infant sibling through the monitor. This screen-used prop was consigned by Rogue Pictures in a sale of original props & wardrobe items held by a London Auction House. Full provenance will therefore be provided. This item uses a US power supply & measures approximately 5.5 inches tall. Please note that as this item is electrical no guarantee or warranty is provided by MovieMania with regard to it's functionality, safety or operational quality.

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