The Beach (2000) - Richard's (Leonardo DiCaprio) Binoculars - SOLD


These black binoculars were used by Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio in his role as 'Richard' in Director Danny Boyle's hit Thriller movie 'The Beach' (2000). The binoculars have orange lenses with a blue production label attached & inscribed 'Richard's Look-out Binoculars, sc 133 onwards' detailing the scenes in which they were used. They can be screen-matched to the ones Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) uses when he chats with Sal (Tilda Swinton) about keeping watch on his American acquaintances while they are making their way to the island. This screen-used prop accompanies a certificate of authenticity from the 20th Century Fox Archives & comes professionally mounted on a bespoke wooden stand with a descriptive plaque. Slight wear from production use is present but the prop is otherwise in fine condition. Display measuring approximately 11 inches tall with a base diameter of 8 inches. This item has now SOLD.

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