Skyfall (2012) - 'M' (Dame Judi Dench) Prop MI6 Stationery & Autograph


Skyfall brought us a surprising end to an era when 'M' (Dame Judi Dench) succumbed to her injury in the attacks pioneered by Bond villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). After six films 'M' has firmly & undoubtedly secured her place in the Bond hero hall of fame. Now you can own a piece of her office stationery in the form of this MI6 envelope addressed to 'Mr J Bond'. Envelopes if this kind were used as set dressing in the MI6 scenes and ones bearing an address are particularly desirable. The envelope is beautifully displayed with a photograph hand-signed by Dame Judi Dench herself & a descriptive plaque. The display measures approximately 18x22 inches and accompanies provenance. The autograph was obtained in-person at the Skyfall premiere in London on 26th October 2012.

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